Painter of stuff and nonsense

also printmaker and experimenter in all things creative

I was born in 1970 in Essex, and raised in Chatham in Kent. I claim to have the finest breeding. Educated in Rochester at a notorious all girls grammar school, Kent Institute for Art & Design and the University of Wolverhampton and graduated in 1993 (after one heck of a party) with a BAhons Visual Communication, specialising in Illustration.

In 2000 I qualified as an Art teacher at Canterbury Christchurch University College. I worked at a large comprehensive school in Gravesend,  and after two years decided that going travelling in Australia was a more attractive option. I have since travelled to many places in the world, seeing and experiencing many wonders. Travelling is very inspiring and fills my head with new things to paint. I like to keep moving.

My preferred mediums are acrylic paint and inks on canvas, but I am very experimental and diverse. Rarely do I consider my work to be completely finished, and lately have been quite immersed in mastering the art of overworking. I like the freshness and spontaneity of painting quickly and with freedom, but since there is not enough room in the house for the numbers of canvasses that collects I have found working for months on a painting is equally as fulfilling. My loosely painted canvasses have been “vandalised” and have evolved into something completely different and sometimes entirely ridiculous. I have developed motifs and characters that repeatedly appear in my work. I’m often highly amused and laughing to myself as I challenge my own sense of humour into the small hours. Sometimes I laugh so much at my work that I wonder how anyone else is expected to take me seriously. But there is no motive for fame and fortune so I don’t let that stop me. I am not so precious with my work that I am afraid to completely change it on a whim. It is an adventure in the wilds of my imagination, a galleon on the wild kraken infested seas…and the wind can change at any moment.

I have worked as a support worker with people with special needs for most of my working life, and have been able to bring Art into my job as a therapeutic and fulfilling experience for both parties. Over the years I have delivered Art workshops, one to one sessions and teaching Art in a school for young people on the Autistic spectrum. I have found this to be my perfect niche. My passion is making Art happen wherever I go.