The last Brighton paintings

These were the last paintings I did in Brighton, at Smart club with Jamie. I would have sworn that I had absolutely no ideas at this point, but now looking back maybe I did.

These were all on small canvasses, and were exhibited at the Elementree Studios pop-up shop in the Laines in Brighton in May 2018. The show started as part of Open House, but ended up being open until about mid-July. It was a time of positivity, when we got together with some old friends, and made some new ones. We took it in turns to man the shop, and sometimes did some painting there. I sold quite a few paintings, including the big Wheatley one which I wish I still had now..but isn’t that always the way? Not only because he is no longer with us, but also because when you held it up to the light it had the most amazing effect from the combination of brush strokes and metallic paint.

I’m not sure if this is the finished version , as I remember fussing with the tail for quite some time. I need to paint another one in remembrance of our beloved puss cat.


#sillyoldwheatley acrylic on canvas -April 2018. 70x70cm approx

Crow- May 2018

This was done at #smartclub and was purely to put into the shop. I sold it too, the first sale for me. I do like painting crows.

Crow- May 2018Crow- May 2018


three snails sitting on a stylised moon painting
snails on the moon


I painted this at #smartclub. It was a bit of a rerun on my Jerboas on the moon painting from years ago that I sold, and it turned out it was bought by a lady who ended up being my best friend’s girlfriend. He went to her house and saw it on the wall…that happens a lot. I love finding out who bought my paintings when they are sold from galleries, and not to friends.


I painted this at the pop-up shop. There was a piece of three dimensional art in the shop which was made from a tuba. I have a great love for the aesthetic qualities of musical instruments, even though I cannot really play any of them. I am still hopeful that one day I might learn to play something. I have a lovely guitar, a full size accordion, a mini accordion, drums, a tambourine, a viola and a toy piano. I am a proficient kazoo player mind you, and I’m not bad on the drums and percussion. One day I hope to have a tuba and a french horn. I also have a penchant for chimera cats…’the face of two beasts’.

Chimera cat and tuba
Acrylic on canvas



Nijo jo cat. Acrylic on canvas 30x30cm approx 2018[/caption]

I painted this from a photograph I took in Japan at Nijo castle. It was the tree’s shadow cast on the wall of the castle, and I added the cat as it was my current motif.


charcoal picture of cat on back


Charcoal drawing of Alan RIP
Charcoal drawing of Alan RIP

After not doing any drawing or painting for months, and wondering whether I was an artist or not anymore, I was inspired by Sophie’s single line drawings and decided to try it with charcoal. The first cat #sillyoldwheatley came out remarkable well considering, and so I decided to try and draw Alan the black cat as well. He was Wheatley’s mate, and was also murdered by the cat killer. I have become friends with his human Kath, and so I gave her this drawing in memory of him.

Hare and moon miniature 20x20cm
Hare and moon miniature 20x20cm

This hare and moon is just a copy of an old painting I did, one that I sold immediately and then missed forever. I could never redo the original as it was so experimental and a thing of chance, but it is an image I have also remade in linocut form and seems to be popular. I thought I might sell it at the pop-up shop which is what i painted it for, but it came back home. I expect I shall give it to someone as a present one day.


This was also done at #smartclub. It was based on a star chart. I started making it up, and then when I looked it up on Google it was actually a thing which I was very pleased about. It was really just a painting for paintings sake but I do rather like it.

the vaguest of timelines. Started a long time ago and finished in 2019[
the vaguest of timelines. Started a long time ago and finished in 2019
This painting was started on a lonely rainy night at the Hangar (the old studio in Providence Place). I was painting the rain and the bright lights on the window. It got left for a long time and then I took it to #smartclub to finish it. I was particularly uninspired at this time, but came up with this reflective timely, where some of the things do not reflect at all. this painting has since been hung the other way up from how it started, and looks better that way. It looks so good in face that someone wants to buy it. Hurrah!