Cakes… I make them too!

Working at a school for young people on the autistic spectrum I found myself running an edible art club which was of course pretty popular. This progressed into baking club as we all grew in experience and ambition. Turns out after all those years of claiming not to bake, that actually I’m not bad at it! 

More photos of other cakes to follow when I   can find them amongst the thousands on my phone!

Flower arranging…

Floral tributes20140910_18110820140910_18110220140910_181116IMG_20140908_092948IMG_20140908_09223520140906_214630

When my Mum died,  it seemed appropriate for me to honour her with my artistic skills for one last time and the most obvious medium was flowers. I made the mum one from my brother and I,  and the butterfly one from my Dad. They both came out looking like professional jobs and lasted well. 

I’m wondering if there’s a career in floristry out there for me? !