La Habana

Havana Life 2016 Acrylic and ink on canvas 60x80cm approx

We went to Cuba in February 2016. Spending a few days in Havana, I found it to be one of those photo a minute places. The decomposing architecture ticked all the inspirational boxes for me. The colours, the lines, the repetitive shapes and their opportunity to get a glimpse of Cuban life beyond the doors and windows. Through every arch was another arch, another door, another window and another gasp of awe. And even though it all looks so run down and dilapidated, the love of the families and the people runs strong and they seemed so happy and proud of their country. I’ve never been anywhere where I felt least like the locals who approached us had an interior motive. Chubby and smiling and honesty. The warmth of the colours reflected the warmth in their hearts. I haven’t quite finished this since I was talked out of drips at  #smartclub but it’s  holding its own as it is so no rush!



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