It started with a roll of tape…

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Once upon a time, Roger gave me a roll of brown paper tape.

He was using it to build suits of armour costumes to great effect. Seeing the tape transformed into something quite different was very inspiring, and I knew there were great possibilities for its construction.

Some time later, Gemma gave me an amazing headdress she had found at a car boot sale. Made from card and wire from scratch by an obviously accomplished craftsperson in somewhere in South East Asia, I was really taken with its delicate and intricate design and for want of a more appropriate word,  its fascinating and exotic twiddlyness.

Artists block set in a short while later, and all painting activity came to a grinding halt. I guess I must have been staring at that roll of brown tape  and the headdress for some time before I decided to build a similar headdress of my own. I used brown paper bags as a base and built up strips of tape until it turned into card pretty much. I then added a layer of metallic tissue paper and in some places silvery organza.

I spent hours poring over the separate pieces for the headdress, cutting out the fine details. I made the flowers by cutting out circles, cutting out the petals, scoring them and creasing them to make them more three dimensional. When I think about it I can’t quite believe that I was so dedicated to it. But I realise now that I was throwing myself into a creative pursuit which involved so much concentration that I could be oblivious to the reality of what else was happening at the time. I built that headdress from scratch…It’s verging on weird!

The separate pieces have been in a box for two years, taking up valuable space on my art shelves. So I got them out this weekend and without any more deep thought on the actual construction and its execution, I glued them all together and came up with this.

I thought I would want to wear it, but it’s huge, heavy and I should have made it curved, but it’s going to look fabulous on my wall somewhere.


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