Robot selfies


Roderick has just got back from his holiday in the part of space just above Skegness and these are just some of the selfies he posted on social media.

Nah, not really. I’ve been lino cutting again.

These are made up from more than one block layered up. Some of them have been through the press four times,

Then I printed the robots separately, and have painstaking cut them all out and used pencils to bring out their eyes and highlights.

Each one is totally unique and a work of art in its own right.

But how much can you charge for a greetings card?

It started with a roll of tape…

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Once upon a time, Roger gave me a roll of brown paper tape.

He was using it to build suits of armour costumes to great effect. Seeing the tape transformed into something quite different was very inspiring, and I knew there were great possibilities for its construction.

Some time later, Gemma gave me an amazing headdress she had found at a car boot sale. Made from card and wire from scratch by an obviously accomplished craftsperson in somewhere in South East Asia, I was really taken with its delicate and intricate design and for want of a more appropriate word,  its fascinating and exotic twiddlyness.

Artists block set in a short while later, and all painting activity came to a grinding halt. I guess I must have been staring at that roll of brown tape  and the headdress for some time before I decided to build a similar headdress of my own. I used brown paper bags as a base and built up strips of tape until it turned into card pretty much. I then added a layer of metallic tissue paper and in some places silvery organza.

I spent hours poring over the separate pieces for the headdress, cutting out the fine details. I made the flowers by cutting out circles, cutting out the petals, scoring them and creasing them to make them more three dimensional. When I think about it I can’t quite believe that I was so dedicated to it. But I realise now that I was throwing myself into a creative pursuit which involved so much concentration that I could be oblivious to the reality of what else was happening at the time. I built that headdress from scratch…It’s verging on weird!

The separate pieces have been in a box for two years, taking up valuable space on my art shelves. So I got them out this weekend and without any more deep thought on the actual construction and its execution, I glued them all together and came up with this.

I thought I would want to wear it, but it’s huge, heavy and I should have made it curved, but it’s going to look fabulous on my wall somewhere.