Lino printing

I’m so in love with lino cutting and printing. It is so very therapeutic somehow.

We worked so hard…every day for 6 weeks pretty much, preparing for our stall at BAM! Brighton Art Market on the weekend of 21/22nd May. the market was part of the Open House festival on the central trail.

Print fest

This is a collage I put together from four small cuts.

It was a freehand cut, I just started it from one edge to see where it took me.

We had been watching an MC Escher video showing him printing his tessellating woodcuts and I was inspired to try something similar. Though I did not succeed in a tessellation this image bears quite a resemblance to the work of Vasarely and it really is quite effective.

I found the single print image in black and white made my eyes ‘go funny’ and I had accidentally created a kind of optical illusion.

Smartclub- doodling on canvas

Doodling on canvas #smartclub #artisgoodforyou #abstract #instagramartist #instagramart #acrylicpainting #doodle #ilovepainting

I painted this at Smartclub. I really had no idea of what i wanted to paint so just painted for paintings sake…

So I started by painting a circle within the square as I have a habit of doing (or perhaps a compulsion) and started painting the moon craters.It was not going well…I came away feeling mildly embarrassed with a green moon with cartoon spiky craters and faced it towards the wall.

Next time I dutifully returned to the painting, assured by friends that it was a good start. I still had no idea where I was going with this thing, so ended up taking a pot of black ink and a paintbrush to it. I need to have a look and see if there are any shots of it at these stages. This was the outcome of my doodling spree. I rather like it now