Jazz Saturday

I have been painting this for some months and it is still not completed but I have put it on the wall to come back to another time, since I have been looking at it and slaving over its complexity for so long it became an inspirational barrier. However I am very pleased with it. At times I have wondered why on earth I chose such a difficult image to paint, battling with the likes of zebra print and the impossible chequered floor tiles. I took this photo in the Paris House Pub in Brighton on a Saturday afternoon, drawn there by the gipsy jazz and the aesthetically pleasing surroundings. Perfectly complimented by the patterns on the handsome Roger’s jacket and the Kronenbourg 1664 I thought. We used to go every Saturday and sketch feverishly. We didn’t realise the first time we went (meeting on a date with a man I had been best friends with for years, doing what we did best together…Art and sarcasm), but there were some other people in there sketching too and we soon got to know the regulars, the staff and the band. People would come over to talk to us about our drawings, and ask ‘is it a ‘thing’ then?’ It was just a coincidence, but I do feel that jazz and art are a perfect combination and I’m guessing other artists feel the same. I know that Roger, Art, Jazz and myself are a very agreeable mix! And that is why I wanted to paint this, ┬áto celebrate this wonderfully harmonious utopia I wake up to each morning.